Scot Thompson : studio 20

Thompson creates art to satisfy his own curiosities.  Distilling his erupting feelings into a tangible record of thought, he doesn't always know the meaning, or where the experiment will lead.  He grabs on for the ride, relishing in creation, fear, joy, destruction and the unknown.

Scot Thompson was born and raised in Fort Collins, Colorado. He currently lives in New York and works in his studio at the Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, New Jersey. Scot Thompson’s long‐standing fascination with sculpting different elements together started while he grew up in Colorado and, as a child, worked in his grand‐father’s wood and metal shop.

Since then, he kept exploring his interest in combining elements, in particular, their violent reaction to each others and their desegregation, to express feelings and thoughts into tangible objects. Representation of one’s psyche relies on his obsession with distillation and abstraction of figures born from a unique process combining wood, iron, bronze and other strong and natural materials. Scot Thompson began serving in the army, traveling in the Middle East and participating to the Desert Shield and and Desert Storm operations in 1991. His exposure to pain, fatigue, and destruction only heightened his fascination of these concepts and has been constantly reflected in his artwork evoking Cioran’s aphorism that “Life inspires more dread than death”. Thereafter, he worked for awhile as an art director before turning himself into a full‐time artist. He attended the Institute of Sculpture in New Jersey and served his apprenticeship with Andrej Pitynski, later becoming part of the teaching staff at the Institute’s sand foundry and the Digital Stone Project that emerged from the Johnson Atelier’s stone division. Scot Thompson’s work has been featured in private exhibitions and The International Iron Conference.
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