AMEBA Mission Statement

The Artists of the Motor Hall Exhibit Building Association (AMEBA) is a group of independent professional fine artists who work and develop their art at the Motor Exhibits Building studios. They are dedicated artists of varied professional and educational backgrounds that assist in the advancement, practice and understanding of the fine arts in sculpture, painting, drawing and various media.

The central focus of the artists of the AMEBA collective studios is the synergy between the creation of their personal work, their open research and in educating visitors, participants and artists at the Ground For Sculpture facility in the enlightenment of the visual arts. Deeply related to that focus is the commitment to sustain the study of the arts as both a necessary mode of understanding and a vibrant expression of human experience within the local community as well as at the national and international communities.

The mission is carried out through a commitment to a variety of educational programs which take place at GFS by sharing their excellence in the varied art creation for the public to experience first hand in how artists develop their ideas and communicate their visions.

The pursuit and dissemination of knowledge through a variety of sanctioned workshops offered by the Grounds For Sculpture and be mentoring other artists or interested students in the art of sculpture, painting, drawing and various media in furthering their art experience. The determination to balance the preservation of artistic legacies at the GFS that offers the desire for innovation within the individual artistic practices by creating their own work and exhibiting their work in local, national and international regions.

The AMEBA group envisions itself as leaders in the practice of the arts with an emphasis on professional excellence, diversity, innovation.
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